Who is the Delhi Gooner?

Born in 1965, my earliest Arsenal memory is the 1971 FA Cup final v Liverpool.  I don’t remember much of the match but I do clearly remember two things. Firstly we rented our first colour TV!  Secondly my dad became so excited when we scored that he banged so hard on the arm of the chair, that it fell off!  I remember thinking that “wow this football thing must be important and oops, mum is going to kill him.”

Arsenal is still my passion today. I have watched or listened to every match from every conceivable place, wherever possible, whenever possible since those early days in the 70s. I find myself at odds with a large section of Arsenal fans who seem to never stop complaining.

Through a freak change in circumstance, I find myself living in India and a proud member of the Arsenal Delhi supporters club. I am desperately missing my weekends at the Emirates and my match day mates in the T-Bird on Blackstock Road.



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